Police Investigate Stabbing Incident At PCSS

Police are investigating an incident which occurred at the Pierre Charles Secondary School (PCSS) on Friday March 30th, which left the security guard and one student nursing stab wounds.


According to Vice Principal of the PCSS Mr. Francis Jno Lewis, at about 12:30 p.m. during the annual Fun and Frolic day at the school, a security officer was stabbed in his back and stomach area, and a male student who tried to assist him was also injured.


stabbingPP.jpgThe student and security officer were both taken to the Grandbay Hospital for treatment.

At about 12:30 p.m. the principal’s office was informed that, there were persons loitering on the school compound.


The vice principal instructed the security officer to escort the loiterers out of the school compound.

About five minutes later, the security guard returned to the office and informed the vice principal that, he was attacked by two persons, Mr.Jno Lewis reported.


A young man involved in the attack had fled the scene, and a young lady, from another secondary school was detained in the office, by school personnel and the police was called in to investigate.

The police detained the young lady and she was then taken to the Grandbay Police Station.


He said following the incident, a brief assembly was held and the school continued its normal activities without further incident.

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