Police investigate the death of a Vieille Case man

A 33-year old man is assisting the police in investigations surrounding the death of a 74 year old man of Vieille Case.


According to the Acting Assistant Superintendant of Police, Inspector Claude Weekes says the man died at the Princess Margaret Hospital, three days after he was struck in the head with a stone.


The police is also continuing the search for a missing 14 year old girl from the Layou community.


Inspector Weekes says Shanice Jemmott was reported missing on February 17th, 2011.


Meanwhile, one woman is assisting the police as investigations continue into a house fire at Citronier that occurred last week.


Inspector Weekes says the police is also continuing investigations into an incident that occurred at Harlem Plaza last week Friday.


A report was made to the police in reference to the Harlem Plaza incident.

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