Police Investigating Money Laundering String

2011-11-14-Money-LaunderingA number of individuals are assisting police while they investigate persons who are allegedly involved in a major money laundering activity involving a substantial amount of money.

Police Public Relations Officer Inspector John Carbon confirmed that, although some individuals are in police custody, others are being sought for questioning in connection to their investigation.

Reports are that the individuals allegedly received daily transfers of almost EC$10,000.00 at Western Union from an unidentified sender in the United States and Canada.

The maximum amount of cash one can obtain from Western Union or Money Gram without declaring the source of funds is $10,000.00.

Inspector Carbon stated as soon as they have all the individuals involved in this criminal act, in custody, full details will be released.

SAT  News will provide an update on this unfolding story in a subsequent news cast as soon as more information becomes available.

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