Police Investigating Possible Murder in Layou

" class=The community of Layou was struck with grief on the night of Wednesday April 17th, when the news of a possible murder was circulated.

Reports are that 50 year old bus driver Mr. Ferdi John Blaize, a well-known individual was found lying in a pool of blood at his home in Layou at about 11:30pm.

He was pronounced dead on the scene and reports are that he had injuries to his head and neck.

Sister of the deceased, Ms. Maria Guiste, who lives in Castle Bruce stated, she still cannot believes her brother was killed in cold blood, especially as he was not a troublemaker.

Ms. Guiste said, her brother had one girlfriend and three to four children in Antigua and two in Dominica.

Based on the circumstances of the manner in which Mr. Blaize was killed, Ms. Guiste mentioned, this murder was well planned and executed, however she is confused as to a motive.

She said the only problem her brother had was that, he liked a lot of women, and that could have been a reason for his death, especially as neither money nor personal items were taken by the perpetrator or perpetrators.

Ms. Guiste added, Mr. Blaize has three brothers and three sisters.

She noted justice needs to be served and that, her brother’s killer will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The body of Mr. Blaize was transported to the morgue for further investigation. He would have celebrated his 51st birthday in September.

The police are asking anyone with information on this latest incident to call 1-800-TIPS or 1-800-HINT.

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