Police Investigating Shooting Death of Laudat Resident


Relative of the accused

The residents of Laudat Community were in a state of shock following a shooting incident that occurred approximately 9am on the morning of Wednesday March 20th 2013, leaving Colaire Kerwin Bertrand of Laudat with a gunshot wound.

Mr. Bertrand was taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital where he was pronounced dead by a medical practioner.

A coroner inquest and post mortem will be convened to determine the exact cause of death.


Colaire Kerwin Bertrand

One man is in police custody and is being questioned in regards to the shooting.

A relative of the alleged shooter said that he was afraid for his life after the deceased threatened him.


Mr. St. George Bertrand , Uncle to the deceased

Mr. St. George Bertrand uncle to the deceased said that he has not slept since Colaire came from prison.

Residents were in strong solidarity with the alleged shooter as they said the deceased was known to terrorize the community.


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