Police Investigating Shooting Death of Savanne Paille Man

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The police are carrying out investigations into a shooting incident which occurred at about 9:15pm on Saturday 16th March 2013, in the town of Portsmouth.

26 year old Dowlin Augustine of Savanne Paille was shot multiple times by an unknown assailant while he was riding his bicycle on the Michael Douglas Boulevard close to the Indian River Bridge.

He was then transported to the Reginald Fitzroy Armour Hospital, where he was treated.

However, while he was being transferred to the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) via the ambulance, things took a turn for the worst and Mr. Augustine succumbed to his injuries.

He was then returned to the Reginald Fitzroy Armour Hospital, where upon arrival he was pronounced dead by the District Medical Officer.

The body was then transported to the North Eastern Funeral parlor pending a post mortem examination.

A coroners’ inquest will be convened.

Anyone having information of this shooting and any other crime are asked to call 1800- Tips or 1800-Hint.

Augustine was charged on March 1st 2013, with possession of cannabis, possession with intent to supply 7,718 grams of cannabis and attempts to export cannabis. He pled not guilty to all charges.

He was jointly charged for the offences along with Larry Bellot of Grand Bay, and Jamie Andrew before Magistrate Ossie Lewis on March 1st 2013, which they all pled not guilty to.

The men were arrested at Bell Hall Beach in Tan Tan on February 28th 2013, where it is alleged that they attempted to export the said cannabis out of the island.

The trial date for the matter is set for June 13, 2013 at the Portsmouth Court.

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