Police Officer Charged for Possession of Prohibited Weapon

court3.jpgIn court today, Police Constable Gerald Durand of Wesley appeared before Magistrate Evelina Baptiste.

He was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon; in this case a sub-machine gun.

The incident took place on September 7th 2012 in Roseau.

The offense is indictable.

Mr. Durand was granted bail in the sum of $75,000 with Mr. Nicholson Dodds as surety.

He is to report to the Wesley Police Station every Wednesday between 7am and 7pm.

Preliminary inquiry into the matter is scheduled for May 13th 2013, with disclosure ordered by the February 1st, 2013.

In more court, Garth Brown of Wesley was charged with burglary.

The incident took place on December 21st, 2012 in Sylvania.

The items stolen included men’s boxer shorts and food items amounting to $4926.02 belonging to Mr. William Esprit.

The offense is indictable.

His bail is denied and he was remanded in custody.

The matter was adjourned to May 14th 2013 at St. Joseph.

Albert Joseph of Mahaut pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine in Court today.

The incident took place on December 23rd while police were on foot patrol in Mahaut.

The defendant was spotted in Mahaut and picked up by the police to assist them in their investigations.

In the process of searching him they found what they thought to be cocaine in foil paper in his possession.

When asked about it he said “I does take crack”. He was arrested and charged for possession of cocaine.

The court fined him $1800 to be paid by March 31st 2013 or seven months in prison.

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