Police Search Continues for Missing Fishermen

missingpersonOne family has never been closer to God, as they have been praying ceaselessly all weekend in the hope that their son return to them alive.

This is due to Mr. Leron Etienne of Vieille Case and Mr. Justin Carriere of Anse De Mai who reportedly went fishing on Saturday April 13th, 2013 about 10pm and have not returned since.

They left aboard an open keel boat named ‘BLUE STAR’ powered by twin 85 horse power Yamaha engines.

Mr. Jules Carriere, father of one of the missing men, 28 year old Mr. Justin Carriere, stated, his son who set fish nets out at sea earlier in the day, went out at night to raise the nets to collect the fish caught inside.

Mr. Carriere noted his son has always been a fisherman and frequently goes out to sea to fish with his good friend Mr. Etienne.

He mentioned that, the only reason they were using a friend’s boat is because both of their boats are currently on shore undergoing repairs.

Mr. Carriere said they have been receiving a lot of support during this difficult time.

He said the Dominica Coast Guard has been searching for the men along with other boat owners from the area.

Mr. Carriere said he and his family will keep praying in the hope of their son being found alive.

In another incident, the Police are in search of two fishermen whom were reported to have gone fishing in an open keel boat.

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Boat named ‘IN A WHILE’ powered by twin 200 horse power Yamaha engines

It was reported that Mr. Tyrone Etienne of Marigot and Mr. Lyndell Daway of Vieille Case,  went on a fishing expedition on April 11th, in a boat named ‘IN A WHILE’ powered by twin 200 horse power Yamaha engines and had not returned up to this time.

The Marine Rescue Coordinating Center in Martinique as well as the local Coast Guard conducted a search which proved futile.

The search by the Marine Rescue Coordinating Center and the local Coast Guard are continuing the search with regards to both incidents.

We do hope that all the men are found alive.

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