Police Seeking Help From Public To Capture Layou Valley Robbery Suspects

Police is calling on the public to assist in their investigations, in the apprehension of the individuals who carried out an armed robbery on two British tourists.


According to reports Charles and Jill Oldham were robbed and beaten on the head and face with a gun by two masked men, which occurred on Thursday March 29th.


Superintendent of Police Yvonne Alexander who is in charge of the Southern Division says, in many instances the incidents of robbery took place where many persons have access to, so someone may have seen the perpetrators or may have information leading to the capture of these criminals.


She also said what was disturbing about this incident, is that after the couple was robbed of over $500EC, and they were then beaten by the criminals before leaving the scene which was a totally unnecessary act of violence.


Superintendent Alexander is urging all who has information, on any crime can call and will be 100% anonymous on giving information.


This will be beneficial to the police department in dealing with crime in Dominica.

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