Political Pull String Must Stop says Dominican Youth

youth_discussion.jpgThe Policy Development Committee last night hosted the first of it’s kind Youth Discussion panel at the Zion secondary school.

The panel came together to discuss measures which can prevent division in our communities.

The panel consisted of students from the Zion Academy, Goodwill Secondary school and other local secondary schools. The topical discussions focused on gang violence; politics; and religion.

Many of the students, who spoke very eloquently about community division made many appeals for more support from parents and families as well as government and religious leaders, even with a plea to young adults for a stop in violence among young people and a return to how things used to be.

One of the panel members voiced concerns about what young people are terming “Political Pull String” which they said must stop.

The young persons considered that gang violence was not a major issue as only a few young people were straying into drugs and gambling.

The views expressed suggested that whilst religion has been the cause of some negative divisions in many nations, there are positives to be gained from religion as an aid to removing division in communities.

An after school programme for primary school students, the “Love one, Teach one” foundation formed by Ms Gloria Walsh, representative from the Bath Estate Development Committee, commented thatparents must be more mindful of what they do and say in front of their children as this can have a major impact on them.

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