Pollster Denies Poll While Reporter Sticks To Story

Carlisle Jno Baptiste (left), Peter Wickham (right)

Carlisle Jno Baptiste (left), Peter Wickham (right)

Regional pollster of Caribbean Development Research Services Inc (CADRES), Peter Wickham has denied reports by Journalist Carlisle Jno Baptiste who on Monday June 2nd 2014, alleged that Wickham recently conducted a poll which indicates that the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) would secure eight definite seats at the next General Election.

Jno Baptiste further stated that it is because of such poor results that the DLP decided to keep the results of the poll confidential.

Meanwhile, Wickham says that he is baffled and confused by this report since the last national poll he conducted in Dominica was over a year ago.

Wickham further stated that the DLP commissioned CADRES to conduct an assessment of its performance nationally, using 13 of the 18 constituencies that it represents in the Dominican Parliament as a barometer.

As such, CADRES conducted interviews in select areas of these constituencies during the last two weeks of February 2013.

“Although the survey was not designed to test the national popularity of the DLP, or to project a notion of electoral swing, it is possible to conclude that the DLP would have been likely to win a national electoral contest that took place during the time of the poll”.

Wickham added it is my professional opinion that the Dominica Labour Party is unlikely to lose an electoral contest on this occasion.

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