Portsmouth Elderly Appreciated at Christmas Party

ernest pascal

Executive Officer of Care of the Elderly, Mr. Ernest Pascal

Elderly people of Portsmouth felt appreciated on Saturday December 15th, as they were the center of all the attention at a Christmas party planned for them by a nonprofit organization Care of the Elderly.

The elderly people were entertained to some soothing steel pan music which they moved to while conversing with each other.

Executive Officer of Care of the Elderly Mr. Ernest Pascal says the organization has been doing various projects to help the elderly.

Mr. Pascal stated to plan this party was a lot of work however, he was thankful that they received sponsorship from international organizations like Food for the Poor, a Canadian organization, the President’s Charity Fund and the Nassief Foundation.

He said with such sponsorship, the organization also runs a feeding program where they feed 60 people weekly in addition to 30 children.

President of Care of the Elderly, Mr. Steve Joseph added, in recent times besides just taking care of the elderly they have added underprivileged children.

xmas party

Christmas party for the elderly

He says the organization caters for everyone although it was rooted in a Catholic institution by a nun, and this elderly Christmas party was just another example of their continued outreach.

He said the elderly Christmas party has grown each year, and they will be planning a similar if not larger party next year which caters to residents in the North and environs.

Mr. Joseph pointed out that this is all in the effort of showing the elderly they are not forgotten but are appreciated.

The organization has been in existence for about 15 years, which continues to provide a service for destitute people among other forms of assistance.

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