Portsmouth Health District Observes Caribbean Wellness Day


Principal of the Vielle Case Primary School, Mr. Jean- Marie Royer

Several activities have been observed throughout the Island as part of Caribbean Wellness Day. One of the activities included a forum on Veille Case Playing Field under the theme, “Love that Body, Keep it Bubbling”.

Mrs. Yvonette Anatol, in her welcome remarks, stated that with the increase in chronic diseases, it is important that we love and appreciate our bodies.

She suggested by feeding our bodies properly by decreasing salt intake, and increasing our intake of daily water instead of sodas.

Mrs. Anatol said as health professionals, they cannot do it on their own; therefore, she is urging each individual to take responsibility for their own health.

Principal of the Vielle Case Primary School, Mr. J Royer, gave the audience a few health pointers, that he practices. He explained, that the first thing one needs to do in order to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle, is to love God and pray.

He added, that a positive attitude also helps in the development of a healthy body. “Look at things in a positive light. Some people are too grumpy and complain too much,” he said.

Mrs Adora Toussaint, Health Educator, during the overview of the Caribbean Wellness Day, said the heads of Government, agreed on action points that address major risk factors like NCDS.

They further declared the second Saturday in September, to be observed as Caribbean Wellness Day.


Mrs Adora Toussaint, Health Educato

Dominica first observed Caribbean Wellness Day on September 13th, 2008.

This was a call of action for everyone to recognize the need to manage their dietary habits, increase their levels of physical activity and to decrease or cease alcohol and tobacco use.

Following the forum, some of the activities included: needle and thread, Sack, lime and spoon, and bottle balancing races amongst others.


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