Portsmouth opening of carnival

Dominicans showed their true patriotic colours in grand style, as they lined the streets of Portsmouth on sunday February 5th, for the town’s opening of carnival parade.


The parade which started off at the benjamin’s park, featured a number of young people, who took part in the various floats and other attractions such as the bwa bwa.


The young ladies in the national bank of dominica flag wavers, were all brightly dressed in their uniform, as they waved their flags in a coordinated manner, which has been a unique part of the parade for over a decade.


Various business partners, took the opportunity to join in the parade to enjoy the excitement, as well as promoting their businesses.


While the patrons enjoyed the street parade, it was when the hi fi bands such as the triple kay global and the big band wck, things got really interesting.


Patrons filled all sides of the trucks of both bands, while dancing to songs from the wck band such as ‘same way’, ‘get busy’, and from the triple kay global such as ‘milk shake’, ‘charge your battery’, and ‘upside down’.


After the parade the group of patrons, all flocked to the portsmouth fisheries complex, where the wck band brought the parade to a close in grand style with a jam.

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