Portsmouth Radiant Senior Citizens Officially Launched

President of PRSC, Mrs. Hannah Dupigny

This was the message delivered at the official launching ceremony of Portsmouth Radiant Senior Citizens (PRSC) held on January 15th, 2013.

Ms. Jean Jacob, Master of Ceremony began with a motivated speech to remind the elderly that it is okay to age.

Aging is inevitable and one of the most important factors that should be remembered is that it is okay to smile.

In Ms. Dupigny’s detailed history of the center, she explained how her dream came to be a reality. Collectively, she worked at the Portsmouth and the Princess Margaret Hospital for 14 years.

She then migrated to the United States for 24 years to further her education and career.

This was what that empowered her to open the center.

On January 8th 2013, the first PRSC meeting was held where members of the DCOC were present.

senoir citizens

members of PRSC (senoir citizens)

President of Dominica Council and Aging Mr. Evander Joseph made mention that the institution is extremely valuable.

Mr. Joseph stressed on the point that their lifestyles and exercises are towards the right direction. He said the senior citizens were lonely before, (which many agreed too) and with socialization and the support that they are receiving at the center, it may just prolong their lives.

One of Dominica’s local artists Mrs. Ophelia Marie demonstrated that senior citizens are still able to learn.


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