Possession of Cannabis Costs Ottis George $500

CannabisOttis George of Pottersville who appeared before Magistrate Candia George on Thursday July 11th was fined $500 on the charge of possession of cannabis after pleading guilty.

The fine is to be paid by August 31st 2013 or in default he will be sentenced to one month in prison.

George was caught with the illegal substance in the form of a cannabis cigarette on Saturday July 6th during a mobile patrol by officers from the Drug Squad.

Magistrate George advised George to stay away from marijuana as it will not help him, but only put in him trouble.

18 year old Brenton Tony Christian of River Street who was caught with cannabis during the mobile patrol on the SAME DAY also plead guilty to possession of cannabis.

He was fined $500 to be paid by August 31st or in default will be sentenced to one month imprisonment.

Magistrate George advised the young man who has been in trouble with the law since he was a juvenile, said he needs to change his friends and hang out with positive persons to change his life for the better.

He was warned that as this is the second time he appeared as an adult for possession of cannabis, the third time he will be sentenced to prison.

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