Pottersville Resident Fined for Stealing WD40

10116 x 12Marcellus Shillingford of Pottersville was fined $280 to be paid by July 31st 2013, or in default sentenced to one month imprisonment, after pleading guilty to the charge of theft when he faced Magistrate Candia George on Thursday July 11th.

He was also ordered to pay compensation of $14.00 forthwith to Wykies Auto Company Napa.

According to the facts of the case, On Friday July 7th, an employee of Napa was reviewing their security footage, when it was noticed that on Thursday July 4th, Shillingford placed a bottle of WD40 into his pants pocket and left the store without paying – a report was made and an investigation was launched.

When the investigating officer met Shillingford at his home and informed him of the report, he said he was sorry he did that and if he has to pay five times the amount he will.

He was then cautioned and arrested.

Magistrate George advised the defendant to think before he acts, as certain actions can have negative consequences.

She also told him that if he cannot afford something do without it or wait for when he can purchase it.

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