Pre-School Students Cheat Death By Being Late

preschool career day.jpgThe Seedling Pre- School in Soufriere was the sight of what residents called a miracle as shocked parents and concerned villagers gathered on the road before the building.


An old mango tree that appeared to have a hollowed out trunk near its base fell upon the school building with no warning, bursting through the schools roof and collapsing a section of the wall.


Serious injury and possibly fatalities were avoided as though the tree fell on the school during school time; only three students were on time.


At the time of the incident only the Principal, Teacher and three students were present.


Miss Delia Bellot, the pre-school teacher was sitting with the Principal at a desk situated in the area of the school that received the most damage. She was helped out of the building by the principal who sustained minor injury to her leg.


Parents bringing their students to school were shocked at the extent of the damage done to the building.


Some praised God that the incident took place when there were not many persons in the building and did not result in any loss of life or major injuries.

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