Preparations has Begun for St. Paul and St. Ann’s Parish Extravaganza


Father Franklyn Cuffy, Parish Priest for St. Ann and St. Paul’s Constituency

Father Franklyn Cuffy, Parish Priest for St. Ann and St. Paul’s Constituency, has informed SAT News, that preparations have already begun for the Parish’s extravaganza carded for Sunday July 27th, 2014.

This exciting event will be held under the theme, “Our History, Our Heritage, Our Heroes, Our Heroines” which simply means, gathering the parishioners together.

Father Cuffy said, some of the main concerns within the parish, include: unemployment, drug abuse and family mishaps.

Companies within the Parish such as; the National Bank of Dominica, (Dominica Coconut Products) DCP, the Fishing Industry and Brizee’s Mart are also on board with this event.

According to the Parish Priest, our heroes including Dr.  Etienne will be highlighted and commended, and is hoped this initiative will help us to appreciate who we are as a people.

Although 2014 may seem far for some, Father Cuffy disagreed whilst reminding us of the many upcoming activities within the space of now and July 27th, 2014.

This event will be showcased as a mini world cup since it is taking place during the world cup season. A number of young individuals will also be employed for the event.

It will feature: Music, Dance, Sports, Goat Race, Crab RACE, Fishing and Arts and Crafts.

A similar event was held in 1988 raising over $ 38, 000.

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