President of D-Shawa Speaks on the Importance of Health and Wellness


Martha Cuffy, President Of Dominica Spa Health and Wellness Association

Following years of planning and preparation, with the assistance of other organizations, including the Dominica Coalition Service Industry, Dominica Spa Health and Wellness Association has been established.

Dr. Janet Taylor, the Public Relations Officer of the Association explains the importance of wellness.

Dr. Taylor also mentioned the critical issue of having many practioners on the Island who provide different services but have not been unified as a group.

Ms. Cuffy and Dr. Taylor both agreed that Dominica contains many resources that can contribute greatly to living a healthy lifestyle, which other countries do not have.

They profiled Dominica’s rich eco-system as one that is being taken for granted; what the Dr. described as, “tapping very superficially”.

The objective of the Dominica Spa Health and Wellness Association is to help persons appreciate and showcase the diversity of the Dominican terrain and the people who serve in this area.


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