President of the Cancer Society Seeks to Combat Deadly Disease


President of the Dominica Cancer Society, Cathleen Cornelius

In an effort to fight against cancer, a disease that has taken the lives of millions of people across the globe, a candle light service was held at the St. Alphonsus Catholic Church on Sunday June 23rd.

President of the Dominica Cancer Society, Cathleen Cornelius, in her address at the church service encouraged others to be strong and fearless as efforts to combat this disease are ongoing.

The reality is that this disease is not just a destroyer of life, but ruins families as well.

Too often it appears that cancer remains the victor as it diminishes the family structure which serves to be one of the main pillars of society, Ms. Cornelius explained.

She said based on statistics the four most common types of cancer are: breast, cervical, colon and prostrate therefore the society should continue forging ahead feverishly to educate society that early detection is the best intervention.


Members of the Church Service

This year’s theme is” supporting the fighter, admiring the survivor, honoring the taking and never ever giving up hope”.

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