President of the DSC Dr. Donald Peters expresses concerns about the high level of mis-education

President of the Dominica State College Dr. Donald Peters is expressing concerns about the high level of mis-education in Dominica.


Dr. Peter’s statement came just one week after several media agencies and a group of individuals called on the prime minister of the Dominica to investigate a fire which damaged the home of Attorney-at-Law, Glensworth Emmanuel in St. Aroment on Christmas day.


According to Dr. Peters, this is not the role of a leader of a country but that of the Fire and Police services.


The Dominican educator believes that it is rather unfortunate that there has been a relentless attack on both the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit’s work and character, ever since he became the country’s Prime Minister seven years ago.


However, Dr. Peters is convinced that this attack is not by the masses, since the majority of citizens elected Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to be their leader twice, the second time in 2009 by the largest majority in a national election in the history of Dominica.


He says the attackers are few,  just about twenty-nine (29) in total and include disc jockeys, people who give themselves titles such as “investigative journalist” wannabe Prime Ministers, men who cry on national Television and disgruntled unemployed callers to the radio station.


According to Dr. Peters, while they talk and talk and talk, the Prime Minister is quietly developing the country, with the advent of new road systems, universal education, new welfare caring programs and economic growth.


He says as an educator, he would like to have given these gentlemen some credibility, perhaps to see if there is anything that college students could learn from them since they have been attacking and following the Prime Minister’s work for the last ten years. But unfortunately he does not know where to begin since their objectives are not clear.


He mentions that in their on-air verbiage they express their objective as bringing truth, justice, democracy and “light to Dominica; but according to him, somewhere in that objective also lays an obsession to convince Dominicans that the Prime Minister owns “the villas”.


He says what concerns him the most is that at a time when the nation is beginning to move its people towards access to higher education with the Prime Minister’s goal of one college graduate per household by 2015, so that Dominicans will have the tools they need to compete in the global village and bring the country to developing nation status, there is a disgruntled group of misguided Dominicans spending their time mis-educating people with non-scientific, poorly researched tales and stories.


He went on to say what is even more interesting is that they believe that they are the moral compass of the nation who are helping the country, when in fact all they do is talk as most of them are unemployed.


According to Dr. Peters, Shakespeare best describes their stories when he says “it is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” (Macbeth Act V Scene V).


Dr. Peters believes that it would be great if those amongst the talking group with any formal education or knowledge in any field could educate the populace in a formal setting where learning can take place since living in Maryland and criticizing Dominica’s judiciary is not how one educates people.

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