President’s Charity Continues to Donate to Needy Institutions

Head of the Board of the Citizens Home, Ms. Nathalie Sampson

The President is continuing his drive to donate from the President’s Charity Foundation Inc.

On Friday November 16th, they stopped at the Mahaut Senior Citizens Home to give from the charities collections.

Over a year ago, the Senior Citizens Home has embarked on rehabilitation efforts to upgrade the services provided to the persons who stay reside there.

Head of the Board of the Citizens Home, Ms. Nathalie Sampson, says there are insufficient beds and mattresses at present to accommodate more people at this time.

At the Home, they are happy to receive from the President’s Charity.

The home intends to provide daycare service for the elderly because of the number of requests that have been made.

Residents at the home

Mr. Antoine Raffoul, Chairman of the President’s Charity Foundation Inc, says the charity will be giving away over $35,000 this year and the Mahaut Senior Citizens Home will be receiving some of that.

The President, His Excellency Eliud Williams is glad that the home continues to provide shelter for the elders of that community and they have plans to extend the care to the daytime.

The President also had a gift for the residents of the home.

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