Press Conference at Police Station


In an effort to reduce the instances of crime and violence in Dominica, Chief of Police, Superintendent Cyril Carette says, they have a number of new initiatives in place to deal with these issues.

One of these initiatives is the increased patrols and random stop and search by the Task Force, which has proven to be very effective, as a number of offensive weapons have been confiscated.

Mr. Carette pointed out there has also been an improvement in their response time in attending to complaints, while highlighting two major crimes which they have solved, one of which was the robbery of the Muslim store on Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard in Roseau on June 7th 2012.

An excess of $50,000 worth of items stolen has been recovered so far, and the trial into this matter is set for December 10th 2012.

Mr. Carette also reported due to the hard work of police officers, Jack Joseph who allegedly murdered Wayne Maxwell at the Krazy Koconuts on Sunday June 3rd, have been apprehended and charged with the offence along with gun and ammunition charges.

Jack’s brother, Danny Joseph was also charged with grievous bodily harm, on Omar Thomas and was remanded at the Stockfarm Prison.

The Chief of Police says the Maritime Unit has realized a number of successes in the constant fight in the war against drugs and drug trafficking.

Mr. Carette also reported that, the Drug Unit which is known as the Drug Squad also recorded success for 2012 in operations carried out.

The Chief pointed out that currently there are police officers in Barbados, China, and the United States all undergoing training, which when completed will be beneficial to the police department and the citizens of Dominica.

Mr. Carette went on to say that, the cooperation of the public is very important in solving crimes, so anyone who has information on illegal activities is asked to call 1800 HINT.

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