Primary School Students Educated on Road Safety

Mr. Alvin John Facilitating Road Safety Exercise

Mr. Alvin John Facilitating Road Safety Exercise




In an effort to sensitize school children and the public on the proper procedures of using pedestrian crossings and crossing the street, Police officers of the Traffic Department conducted road safety demonstrations with the Convent Preparatory School and the St. Martin’s Primary.

This demonstration took place at the intersection of Independence Street and King George V Street, commanded by Acting Inspector of the Traffic Department, Alvin John.






He said, this is also an effort to protect Dominicans and save lives.

Inspector John noted, protecting pedestrians cannot be a one day event and as such more of these demonstrations will be carried out, and will also include bus drivers.

Inspector John also gave a summary on the right way to cross the street which is very important.

Inspector John revealed that, very soon the Traffic Department will step up their patrols targeting motorcyclists, who ride without helmets and recklessly endangering themselves and other road users.


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