Primary School Visit To Fire Station

fire truck2.jpgA number of students from the St. Martin Primary School were all smiles, as they were treated to a visit to the Roseau Fire Station.


Miss Jacinta Jno-Lewis-Peltier, who is a Grade K-3 teacher at the school, says this was organized to give the students a firsthand view of the various jobs that persons do, and how they go about doing their work.


Miss, Peltier says that with such a visit, they will appreciate the hard work the fire officers do, and learn fire safety procedures, amongst other things, which was very educational.


Miss Peltier pointed out that this was her first time at the Fire Station, so she also learned a lot with her students reemphasizing the fact that you are never too old to learn.


Fireman Mr. Bernard Burton who was in charge of the tour for the day says, it is always a good thing when students visit the Fire Station, because they will better learn about the precautionary measures when dealing with fires.


He said the students were shown how to put out fires with the fire hose. They also got to see the thermal suits that they use, and other vital equipment used in firefighting.


Mr. Burton stated that one of the major problems they are facing is accident response, since there are a lot of accidents.


The fireman also highlighted that there is a lot more that needs to be done in the Fire Department in areas of; man power, equipment and training.


Mr. Burton went on to say that it is very important that when motorist hear the sirens of the fire truck, ambulance or police, to immediately pull to the side to allow these vehicles to pass, and not try to race with them.


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