Prime Minister announces development of projects


Roosevelt Skerrit.jpgThe project is funded by a loan from the Chinese government and was received with some negativity by critics however, Skerrit says that the work on the new State House is progressing satisfactorily and that though some do not see the need, it is a necessary investment.


In addition, another part of the loan from the Chinese government will go towards the construction of housing apartments for Dominicans.


The government was motivated to move into the construction of these apartments by the number of young people especially single mothers who are living in Roseau who find great difficulty in paying rent and live in less than adequate housing facilities.


The Chinese government will begin construction of the new Newton Primary School in the next few months. The site is currently being prepared.


The new school will be a four storey structure that will cater to students with disabilities as it will boast an elevator.


The Newtown community will not be the only to benefit from investment in the government as the government is currently constructing 30 to 40 homes in the Kalinago Territory for families in need.

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