Prime Minister gives update on Health Minister’s Condition

Julius Timothy

Julius Timothy, Minster of Health

In an interview, the Prime Minister, Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit, has stated that Honorable Julius Timothy is recuperating.

He is fully energized and his only impediment is verbalizing  certain words.

Prime Minister said he can communicate via text messages, email and telephone,  however his only impairment, is his voice which he is seeking  professional help to have it restored.

According to the Prime Minister.Mr. Timothy has returned  to Dominica.

When asked if the Minister for Health will be contesting the upcoming General Elections, Mr. Skerrit said at this stage his preoccupation about Mr. Timothy, is his health.

Elections and whether or not Mr. Timothy will run is not a matter of   matter of precedence.

He said presently Mr. Timothy is the Minister for Health and a member of Parliament for the Roseau North Constituency.

Mr. Timothy was airlifted to Martinique, a few weeks ago after suffering from a severe stroke.

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