Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit dismisses rumors about a secret trip


Prime Minister of Dominica, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit is dispelling the notion that his recent trip to the African Continent was a secret visit. He said that it cannot be a secret visit, given the fact that it was mentioned in Parliament during the 2009/2010 National Budget Presentation.


‘The Prime Minister decides sometimes whether he wants to issue a Press Release that he is going to a particular country or should he wait until he returns to report to the nation about where he has been and what has transpired. I came back to the state on Saturday evening, Sunday was a church day, Monday was a public holiday and here I am first thing Tuesday morning convening a Press Conference. So I do not see what was so secretive about that.  Often times, certain persons write things to create a sensation or to make their paper sell, if that’s the case then fine but I don’t believe that they should say that it was a secret trip, explained Prime Minister Skerrit.


While the Opposition United Workers Party condemned his decision to establish diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Morrocco, Prime Minister Skerrit clearly stated that his decision was in the best interest of Dominica, since tremendous benefits can be derived from the formation of such a relationship.


‘Well there are people who have their views my friends, people who no matter what the Government say or does, will not support it. Is the same thing that people said when we broke ties with Taiwan after 21 years. The fact is that the world is a fast changing place and if you do not move with the times you will be kept behind. My primary interest is to improve the standard of living of the people of Dominica. The people who want to write these things and say these things only commitment is to themselves or one other person within their household, but I have a responsibility to approximately 70,000 people and if you add the diaspora it will 150,000 people,’ said the Prime Minister.

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