Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit publicly commends Dowasco for its sound management skills


Prime Minister of Dominica Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit has publicly commended Dowasco’s Board of Directors for its high level of management shown in the implementation of the many projects that they continue to undertake, amidst grave financial difficulties.


He says it is because of these admirable qualities that the government has agreed to approve their one-year plan for an increase of 15% on consumer bills.


“But I want to say publicly to Dowasco, that this is a deliberate decision that the government has taken…the other option that we had was to keep the rates at its present level and send many of you home, but instead we have decided to keep you,” explained the Prime Minister.


He continued by saying “because we are satisfied with the manner in which the company is being managed and the high level of commitment displayed by the staff, we have decided to ask the people of Dominica to bear with us by absorbing a slight increase in water supply.”


He says despite the many challenges, he has absolutely no doubt that they will complete the total rehabilitation of all the various water supply systems in Dominica, over the next few years.

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