Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit Says Prepare for Early Elections

skerritIn a surprise statement on Tuesday March 12th, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit alerted his supporters to prepare for early general elections, and a clean sweep at the polls, as he held a victory celebration following a court battle on dual citizenship which ended in favour of the Government.

Mr. Skerrit urged his supporters to return to their communities and begin to work for what they want, while getting themselves ready for another five years in Government especially as they do not know the hour.

Mr. Skerrit said the more he thinks about a clean sweep, the more he is determined that they cannot yield one single seat to the Opposition in the next general elections.

The Prime Minister also referred to the court victory as a repetition in the political narrative of Dominica.

On a more serious note, Mr. Skerrit also informed his supporters that he is aware of their concerns regarding economic hardships and the cost of living.

However he stated this is at the top of his agenda as well as creating employment, but the economic crisis is hampering these efforts, as in many other Caribbean islands and the world.

General elections are constitutionally due in 2014 as it was last called in 2009.

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