Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit underscores the benefits of current Road Rehabilitation Projects

Prime Minister of Dominica, Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit is dismissing critics who argue that Road Rehabilitation Projects currently undertaken by the Skerrit-led administration do not contribute to the country’s economic development.


He says while millions of dollars are being spent on a number of Road Rehabilitation Projects around the island, employment is also being created for a number of Dominican security guards, truck drivers and laborers.


In addition, the prime minister says local suppliers are also benefitting tremendously as more than eighty percent of the raw materials used for the projects are bought here.


Ongoing Road Projects on the island include the Canefield to Pond Case, the west coast and the Morne Prosper Road Rehabilitation project.


The Dominican leader says while contractors continue to face a number of challenges, the government’s aim is to build a solid road network that will be sustainable in the long term.


Last week, a contingent visited the ongoing works of the Morne Prosper Road Rehabilitation Project.


Honorable Skerrit says he is satisfied with the scope of work and has no doubt that the project will be completed in due time.

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