Princess Margaret Hospital to Receive New Conference Center

Health Minister, Honourable Julius Timothy

At a recent visit to the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), the Health Minister, Honourable Julius Timothy unveiled plans of a new conference center for the hospital.

The building that they plan to refurbish to place the new conference center in, was up for demolition when the Health Minister first came into office.

He got an engineer to test the integrity of the building and this was their findings.

The intention is to have a state of the art podium, a viewing facility, a video conferencing center, as well as table and chairs with the capability of having actual conferences in that building.

The Health Minister says the Oncology department will be downstairs that conference center. Ross University will provide all the equipment and furnishing for that department.

They would like to open the department in January 2013, but Mr. Timothy says he does not think the contractors will be quite ready as yet.

He ensures that the conference center will be well kept and well utilized and he even went on to say that, when it is opened officially it could be the ideal place to have a cabinet meeting.

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