Princeton George Denied Bail

One of the men charged with the armed robbery, of the Marigot Credit Union which occurred on March 9th 2012, has again been denied bail.

Princeton George has been on remand at the state prison since the incident, appeared before Magistrate Ossie Lewis on Tuesday June 5th, where his Attorney Wayne Norde made an application for bail.

Mr. Norde, argued that his client was being punished before being tried, while reminding the court that his client’s offences are all bailable.

He also mentioned that persons are always innocent until proven guilty, while arguing for bail for his client with Police Prosecutor Inspector Claude Weekes, who opposed Mr. Norde’s reasons for bail.

The magistrate however denied Mr. Norde’s bail application, stating that neither the money stolen nor the firearms used during the robbery has been recovered by the police.

He also reminded Norde that, the defendant was being kept on remand to ensure the security of the innocent citizens.

George is charged along with Jamie Andrew, Michel Azille and Mitchel Joseph, for the robbery.

The trial is set to begin on 13th June, 2012 at Marigot.


In more court news;

Desmond Phillip, who was arrested in connection with the alleged kidnapping of Leon “Dopie” Joseph and Deon Hakim Alfred was unlucky as he was again denied bail.

The 57 year old was disappointed at the outcome of his bail application, after appearing before Magistrate Ossie Lewis.

He told the magistrate that he is being held in prison innocently, and that he does not know anything about those boys.

Police Inspector Michael Laudat told the court that, releasing the accused on bail may pervert the course of justice, since the whereabouts of the victims were still unknown.

The alleged kidnapping took place on March 10th 2012, and there has been no breakthrough in the case to date in locating the boys.

Jan Bedminster, Kimon Beaupierre, Dilon Alexander and Shirley Allan, have been charged with “unlawfully and forcefully kidnapping” the two missing boys.

Ms. Allan was also denied bail and remanded back to the Stockfarm prison.

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