Private Sector’s debt of 106,000,000 is of Concern


Chairman of the Business Forum, Stuart Paris

The Dominica Business Forum said, the private sector’s $106,000,000.00 debt to the Dominican Government is of great concern.

Chairman of the business forum, Stuart Paris, is calling on businesses to settle their outstanding taxes.

Mr. Paris said in order for them to pay their taxes they must be able to earn the money to do so.

However, if business is not progressing as should, then proprietors will not be able to earn that money to pay those taxes.

Deterioration in the income which Government collected from companies is also worrying to members of the forum.

The Dominica Business Forum is made up of ten private sectors The Dominica Employer’s Federation, the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce, The Builders and Contractors Association of Dominica, the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association, the Dominica Manufacturers Association, the Dominica Coalition for Service Industry, the National Development Foundation of Dominica, the Dominica Chamber of Agri-Business, DAPEX and the Association of Bankers and Financial Institutions.


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