Productivity Committee Hindered by Lack of Funding


Productivity Consultant, Parry Bellot

Productivity Consultant, Parry Bellot, who recently launched a Productivity Committee says, the Committee is being hindered by the lack of support and funding from the local private sector and overseas development agencies.

Bellot says they are confident that they will receive support; however, it is taking a bit of time.

“So where we thought we might have been at this stage, we’re not quite there yet”, he said.

He highlighted that they have been trying to address the plight of the Dominica Manufacturers Association, as it relates to Value Added Tax (VAT).

Another area of concern is the accommodation area at the Roseau Ferry Terminal, which Chief Executive Officer of the Dominica Air & Sea Ports Authority, Benoit Bardouille is working on resolving.

Mr. Bellot also stressed the poor service in the government service, noting that one of the keys ways unproductivity in that service can improve is by having public servants receive more recognition when they do well.

For this, a mechanism has already been put in place.

Mr. Bellot reminded taht when people are rewarded for their work they will continue working diligently, adding that there are many people in the Public Service who work well but the number of those who do not is greater.

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