Protect the forest from Giant African Snails

“We need to do our part to protect our forests from the giant African snails.”


That was the plea of Ryan Anselm, Head of Plant Protection and Quarantine Services (PPQ).


This comes after World Environmental Day, which aims to promote positive environment action.


The giant African snail originates from East Africa, and has been in the Caribbean region since the early 80’s, and Dominica in 2005.


This particular snail poses serious danger to Dominica’s agriculture, since it feeds of most of our agricultural plants.


Mr. Anselm expressed his relief that the snail has been kept in the Dos Dane area, with the help of the Plant Protection and Quarantine Services.


The snail can lay 100- 500 eggs at a time, and does not need a male to reproduce.


This is the main reason why the PPQ does not want the snail to spread to other areas on the island, especially the forest, which has ideal conditions such as moisture and ideal soil to reproduce.


If it does enter the forests, Mr. Anselm thinks that it would be a serious blow to the agriculture and tourism sectors.


The snail can be identified by its brown colour and yellowish streaks. It also leaves a huge slime trail.


Mr. Anselm urges the public to not transfer any soil or plant material from the Dos Dane area, so that the likelihood of this pest entering other areas in Dominica will be null.


Let’s protect our environment from invasive species and most importantly, our forests!

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