Protest Action by the opposition on Presidential Nominee

lennox-lintonThe opposition, the United Workers Party is planning to contest a protest on the nomination of speaker of the House Mrs. Alix Boyd Knights, as the next President of Dominica.

Lennox Linton, Party leader of the United Workers Party says Dominicans are expected to gather on 13th of September to rally in a non- violent protest.

The public meeting is planned for 5.00pm on September 13th outside of the State House and Parliament buildings on Victoria Street in Roseau.

According to Mr. Linton, the President of the Commonwealth of Dominica is the chief custodian of our constitution; we are a democracy of the people, by the people for the people.

The president is also expected to function above the political fray and serve the public interest with fairness and equity, at the highest standard of moral conduct and professional procedure.

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, confirmed last week that his cabinet has taken the decision to nominate Mrs. Boyd-Knights as head of state, replacing Mr. Eluid Williams, whose term expires in October.

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