Protest in Grand Bay


Protest in Grand Bay

On Sunday June 8th, members of the Grand Bay Catholic Church protested, after their parish priest, Fr. Reginald Lafleur, was sent on “administrative leave” as directed by his Excellency Bishop Gabriel Malzaire.

Allegedly, Bishop Malzaire made this decision after learning that an undisclosed woman, was the victim of abuse by the pries, 19 years ago whilst he served in the Parish of Portsmouth.

“Our parish priest is not going anywhere – how can you take actions before getting all the facts” were some of the views shared by Parishioners.

Although efforts to contact his Excellency proved futile, it is alleged that the unnamed woman was sent to Trinidad & Tobago for therapy, commendations of the Bishop.

It is has been said however, that he has agreed that investigations needed to continue for at least another month.

A board appointed by Bishop Malzaire has been investigating the matter since January this year however, names of the members of that board have yet to be revealed.

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