PSS holds its first ever Student Government Association Inauguration Ceremony


Several students of the Portsmouth Secondary School (PSS) solemnly swore to defend and promote the principles and practices enshrined in the constitution of the Portsmouth Secondary School Student Government Association, as acknowledged and ratified by the school’s administration, when the institution held its first ever Student Government Inauguration Ceremony on Friday, November 12th, 2010.


Mayor of Portsmouth Vernon Daniel described the initiative as a remarkable idea, as he challenged the members of the association to perform their role with discipline and diligence.


President of the Portsmouth Secondary School Student Government Association Earl White said that the task of leading the association will require much effort and determination not, just from him, but from all the students, since they all have a part to play.


“Very often we tend to forget that for any organization, association or institution to be successful, all must play their part, and so, we hope to get the support of the students, teachers and parents, as well as all the respective stakeholders,” explained White.


He said “I promise with the help of Almighty God who is my source of strength to do my best with the limited time that I have to serve as President of the Student Government Association.”


With the help of his representatives, Executive and senators, President White plans to work restlessly in an effort to bring about the much needed change to the student body of the Portsmouth Secondary School.


Among the many projects that are expected to be implemented are the construction of benches in the snack room, the introduction of a tutoring programme, and the procurement of a vending machine and   safety lockers.

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