Public library to expect an electronic upgrade

books.jpgDominicans can look forward to greater ease of accessibility to the Dominica Public Library collection.


During Library week, the Library announced plans to establish an electronic card catalogue that will serve to make book searches simpler and faster with accessibility at one’s finger tips.


As part of this project, work is underway to digitize certain collections at the library such as biographies and old newspaper collection.

This will serve to preserve the information that is currently stored on perishable paper.


Efforts are also being made to add an e-book collection to the library by the use of Amazon Kindles.


The Library staff is being trained on the use of this device in order to provide service to the kindle users at the library.


In addition the US Embassy made a donation of American Literature to the Library, adding to its physical collection while developing its electronic capacity.


The library continues to celebrate Library Week, offering amnesty for overdue books throughout the month of May as well as hosting different primary and secondary schools for library training.

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