Public Service Union going forward with protest action against Government

The Dominica public service union (DPSU), says plans are on the way, for protest action against the government for failing to properly deal with statements, made by the consultant for the government Mr. Parry Bellot, that 80 per cent of public workers are unproductive.


General Secretary of the DPSU, Mr. Thomas Letang says, the government did not respond as expected, to their request to have these statements retracted.


Mr. Letang says, the DPSU received a response from Honorable Charles Savarin, where he said Mr. Bellot admitted that his findings were not based on scientific analysis therefore the statement should be viewed as personal, and not reflective of the government’s position.


However Mr. Letang says, when Mr. Bellot addressed the media, he did not address the media in his personal capacity, but as the government’s productivity consultant.


He said the letter also stated that, the government made no attack on public officers, directly or through Mr. Parry Bellot.


He said as far as salary negotiations are concerned, the DPSU has not received any response to the letters which were sent to the prime minister.

The DPSU membership is expected to meet, in the next week and a half to decide, what form the proposed action will take.

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