Public Service Workers Called to be Agents of Change

Hannah Claredon

Ms. Hannah Clarendon

Public servants are being called to be agents of change in society.

This comes from former public servant, Ms. Hannah Clarendon, who gave the feature address at the awards and recognition ceremony for public servants last week.

She says being a changed agent is more than being a catalyst, since the change that they would want to bring about would change them also.

She cautioned them, saying that in the process of changing they need to guard themselves from becoming self-absorbed, lest they forget why they want to change in the first place.

She wants to initiate change for the good of the clients, whether they are internal to the public service or external in all the various constituencies.

Ms. Clarendon says each of them have time and talents and should be bringing something to the table.

Bu she advises that the process of changing will take time and they should be ready and prepared to wait to see results.

She says they should make every aspect of change that they are trying to bring forth to become personal to them so that they will see it through to fruition.


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