Public Urged to Continue the Fight Against Drugs


Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports, Honourable Justina Charles

The National Anti-Doping Organization Inc. in Dominica, on Monday August 26th, held an Anti- Doping workshop, under the theme, “Building Awareness and Advocacy to Eliminate Doping in Sport”.

This was held with the support of the Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organization (Caribbean RADO), Dominica, Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

The facilitation included both local and regional personnel.

Dr. Adrian Lorde, Chairman of the Caribbean NADO, says doping isn’t just the presence of a substance in an athlete’s urine.

“It is the use of a prohibited substance in the athlete’s bonding specimen”, he stated.

Dr. Lorde added, it is also tampering or attempting to tamper with any part of the procedure of doping controls.

According to the chairman, possession of prohibited substances is also considered under the definition of doping.

“Trafficking of attempted trafficking and administering or attempted administering are also considered as doping,” he noted.


Dr. Adrian Lorde, Chairman of the Caribbean NADO

Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports, Honourable Justina Charles, commended the Caribbean NADO for this initiative, towards empowering sports leaders, with the tool to continue the fight against drugs.

She noted, Dominica’s government is committed towards the fight, this workshop and Dominica’s NADO, a testimony of their commitment.

Mrs. Charles says use of these substances is cheating and is against the spirit of sports.

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