Public Urged To Keep City Clean During Carnival Celebration


Public Relations Officer of the DSWMC, Mr. Jeno Jacob

The Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation (DSWMC) is advising all persons who will be participating in the Carnival celebrations, to do their very best to minimize littering the City streets.

Public Relations Officer of the DSWMC, Mr. Jeno Jacob says, we should all be concerned about the cleanliness of our country, especially as it relates to tourism.

He noted, citizens should adopt the idea of carrying their litter until they locate a garbage receptacle to dispose rubbish, rather than litter the City which does not auger well for Dominicans and visitors.

Mr. Jacob highlighted the Corporation’s efforts to keep the City clean with placing 67 Adopt-A-Block Bins around Roseau.


Mayor of Roseau, Her Worship Irene John

Meanwhile, Mayor of Roseau, Her Worship Irene John continued on the point of keeping the City clean, so it can be promoted as a clean and green City.

She noted, they will have portable toilets placed at strategic locations within the City during the Carnival celebrations, which she is urging the public to use in a responsible manner.

She noted, the public should avoid breaking bottles and says vendors should not sell any beverages to the public if it is not in plastic or Styrofoam cups.

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