Public Wants Changes Made For Carnival

There has been much debate since the DFC – Dominica Festivals Committee chose to switch the events for the two days of Carnival, putting the costume parade on Carnival Tuesday and the t-shirt bands on Carnival Monday.

Many patrons from the public have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with the new format for various reasons and this year was no different during Carnival 2014 celebrations.

Mr. Derrick “RAH” Peters, who has been a pioneer of Boyoun Music being a former member of the legendary WCK Band, is strongly advocating for a return of the original format of Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

A Carnival patron also noted that the organizers of Carnival need to go back to the drawing board to come up with new ideas, on how they can spice up our Carnival product so it is more appealing to Dominicans and visitors alike.

He noted, it is not just about switching the Monday and Tuesday events for Carnival, but the organizers need to sit down and assess what works, and what does not, before any change can be made.

Another patron voiced his opinion on the need for more costume bands during Carnival, as he said there were too many times when the public had nothing to look at but empty streets.

While one Carnival lover Mr. Julius Corriette viewed Carnival as a commercial event, one mobile food vendor says it was not rewarding, as many vendors were placed in the same area in certain parts of the City.

He added, too many vendors in one area will never be a profitable venture on their part, so this is something that needs to be addressed for Carnival 2015.

There was also recommendations that Jouvert be more traditional with the Lapo Kabwit music and the HiFi bands be saved for Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Whatever the recommendations for change may be, some people were pleased with the organization of this year’s Carnival.

There you have it, while many enjoyed Carnival 2014, some had mixed reactions.

Hopefully, the relevant authorities will work on making the Real Mas for 2015 the best in recent years so all can be fully satisfied.

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