Public Works Employees Dissatisfied With delays in Salary Payments


General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union, Mr. Thomas Letang

Employees of the Public Works Corporation (PWC), are dissatisfied that three fortnights have passed and they are yet to receive any salaries.

As a result of this, many of the employees allegedly engaged in a “sick out” on Monday March 11th 2013, in an effort to let their voices be heard.

Speaking with one of the employees who chose to remain anonymous stated, this is a growing concern and the employees are frustrated by this recurring issue.

He said this injustice being done to the PWC employees, which is under the Government needs to stop, as they are the ones who suffer when the jobs are given to private contractors.

The PWC employee says all they have been hearing from Management, is that they are unable to make payments because of financial constraints, which they have understood, however it is beyond acceptable this time.

Another employee of the PWC, Mr. Leroy John says, the PWC and Government is stressing him out, especially as he has bills and A loan to pay but no money to do so.

Mr. Royston Williams, another employee of the PWC pointed out one of the main problems is the Government giving many private contractors the jobs the PWC can do, which is a disservice to all PWC employees and the country.

When contacted the PWC’s Manager Mr. Eddie Henry declined commenting on the issue.

General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union, Mr. Thomas Letang who represents the employees of the PWC, says. The DPSU has conducted their own investigations to get to the root of this recurring issue.

From that he said it is not because there is no work, or because there is no money but the problem is how projects are allocated.

Mr. Letang noted that they have been hearing rumors about lay-offs, however he is of the view that there should not be any lay-offs at the PWC especially as there is a lot of work that can be done by the Corporation.

He said many projects carried out by private contractors can be sub contracted to the PWC to ensure all benefits.

The Government is the Corporation’s largest clients, as it was created to undertake public works and falls under the Ministry of Public Works portfolio.

The employees last protested in November 2011 over late salary payments.

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