Public Works Minister promises a better road network to Dominicans

Public Works Minister Honorable Rayburn Blackmoore has said that the allocation of $28.6 million reflected in the 2010/2011 budget under recurrent expenditures is aimed at building a solid road network in Dominica; one that will provide several benefits to citizens.


Mr Blackmoore told SAT TV News that the government of Dominica believes that such a measure will result in less expenses in the event of natural disasters which normally cost millions of dollars in damage to our roads and sea walls.


“Infrastructure is very important to the economy to facilitate commerce. We have a number of ongoing projects; the west coast road, the airport road phase one, Valley road and other projects. All these projects are to be continued as we seek to build a better road network around the island,” Blackmoore said.


Mr Blackmoore said that the Ministry of Public Works is currently looking into a matter regarding the phase one project of the Canefield to Melville Hall road project, as the contractor had breached his contract.


“I have spoken previously about the airport road project phase one, the contractor has actually breached the contract. He is now requiring an extension. After we looked at all the variables, his deadline was March 24th. He has applied for an extension for the completion of the project for June 2010 and he has not met his own deadline. According to the contract and in terms of penalty, we are looking at a 1.5 percent of the actual contract sum,” said Blackmoore.


The Minister said that work is progressing smoothly on the west coast road project with the help of the Chinese government, along with other projects around the island.


“We are doing the west coast road, we see the Chinese undertaking a very important intervention by the Woodbridge Bay in Picard, Tarreau and Les Pointes. What we are hoping to see happen in due course is the intensification of the scope of work in the 20 month completion period for that project,” Blackmoore concluded.

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