“I did it for my grandmother,” says Jimmy

Jimmy Coipel of Tarish Pitt was charged with $600.00 on January 20th 2011, after he pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and intent to commit a drug trafficking offense.


According to the facts of the matter, the police officers received reports of Coipel’s mission and immediately conducted a surveillance exercise where they received enough grounds to seize him.


At the time of the arrest, Coipel explained to the police officers that his reason for having the drug in his possession was to make what he called, “fast money.”


Meanwhile, at court, he told Magistrate Candia George otherwise, stating that the only reason for having the drug was to help out his grandmother, who is currently recovering from a major operation.


One of the prosecutors told the defendant, that he should be truthful to the court, seeing that there was not one line in the facts, stating that he did it for his grandmother.


Coipel is to pay the fine by February 28th 2011 or in default three months imprisonment.

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