“We want better roads!”; People of Morne Prosper Share Their Concerns

Some of the villagers of the community of Morne Prosper gathered at the Morne Prosper Primary school to discuss their grievances on Sunday, June 12th 2011.


Among their main complaints was the lack of a proper playing field to develop the athletic skills of their young people. The villagers were also concerned about the condition of the roads and the village water systems. Villagers say that the water system is outdated and is in serious need of upgrades.


The villagers also made mention that agriculture remains the main source of income for many of the village community, and is affected when they are carried on the bad roads to the market.


Head of the Morne Prosper village council, Mr. Mc. Dowell Paul, has no comments on the matter. However he mentioned that there are village council meetings held every first Wednesday of each month to which all villagers are welcomed and public village meetings organized where villagers can express such concerns.

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